1- Order from Life's Abundance: 
    20# bag of Large breed puppy food.
    30 count Agility supplements. 
 *They have a puppy start package that is very helpful.
    (Click bag or supplements to the right to order)

2-Please bring cash for balance or card. 
If using a credit card a 4% fee will be applied. 
We do not take checks, Only CASH OR CREDIT CARD. 

Things that will help to have on hand:

  - Potty pads.
  - Opened wired Medium/Large sized crate.
  - Bed or liner to go in crate.
  - 2 bowls for water and food. 
  - Toys :)
  - Brush and Shampoo
  - Collar and leash
  - Treats
  - Rawhide bones for chewing.
  - Dog food & supplements. 


Large Breed Puppy Package
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 Click the bag below to order.
What you will need before the big day...