Rockin B's Reviews

Watson has a great little personality.... he keeps us laughing. He went to Colorado with us Om spring break. He loved the snow. He went to Arkansas with us for a few weeks.... he loves the swimming pool. We have a farm with 160+ acres in east Texas that we get to almost every weekend. He loves to run, swim and explore. He is not however a fan of the cows.  

We love him so much. Oh and we named him Watson. 😍 
Eliza, Yes! We have had several labradors and retrievers and Baylor is the best dog we’ve ever had. He has a very good temperament— fun, sweet, trainable, and playful. He has a stocky head and body and is seemingly on the smaller side. Short legs! He is a beautiful dog. We couldn’t be happier!!

We absolutely LOVE CODY! He is so smart, loving and amazingly calm for a puppy. We lost our other golden and were devastated. We didn’t think we could ever fill that hole and we are so grateful because Cody, which means helper, had helped us heal from our loss. He is an absolute LOVE!!!! We are grateful.